A Groundbreaking Solar Tracking Technology

Using the power of the sun to track solar panels


No Electrical Power

HelioDrive is powered entirely by the sun. It requires no additional electrical power and has only a single moving part. No sensors, conduits, fittings or software are needed.


No Motors or Cabling

HelioDrive requires no motors or electrical wiring. It functions using a sun-powered hydraulic-based mechanism which creates
300-3,000+ ft-lbs of torque.


No Control Systems

HelioDrive functions without need for any type of control system or monitoring. It moves with the sun and returns daily to a sunrise position.

Inspired by nature’s heliotropic mechanism

An simple, reliable and elegant solution.

Inspired by heliotropism, a flower’s natural ability to follow the sun, the HelioDrive automatically follows the sun from east to west throughout the day. When the sun sets, it returns to the sunrise position and is ready for the next day.

The HelioDrive relies on three main components: a parabolic concentrator; a receiver filled with a small amount of engineered paraffin wax that acts as a hydraulic actuator; and a single moving component that translates linear travel into rotational motion, thereby generating a large amount of hydraulic force. As the sun rises and travels east to west, the mechanism automatically causes the connected solar panels to track the sun.

Sulas has developed a groundbreaking approach to solar tracking that uses no motors, gears or electronics. Our patented technology, the HelioDrive, uses the power of the sun, acting on phase change material through simple optics, to actuate a single moving part to accurately track the sun’s path across the sky. The large hydraulic-based force generated from the HelioDrive can be used to rotate a collection of photovoltaic (PV) panels, allowing them to follow the sun and increase their energy yield.

Simple and Reliable, the scalable and cost-effective HelioDrive can be easily integrated into any size pole-mounted or ground-mounted solar PV array. It is a modular stand-alone mechanism with only one moving part and does not require grid or battery power.

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